Hallo, my name’s Jess Jordan.

Graphic Designer
I am a passionate designer with brand identity expertise, a dynamic design aesthetic, advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, print production, web design and user experience. I create innovative layout, advertisement, point of sale and branded designs in addition to savvy web banners and graphics that activate online presence and response.

I incorporate generous amounts of narrative and graphic design in my multi-faceted digital pieces. My illustration aesthetic is influenced by fashion, collage, surrealism, unique color palettes, photography, 80s films, and music while my process is a creative juxtaposition of objects, motifs, design, photomanipulation and traditional art. I have shown my work in Nashville and Atlanta.

I achieved a Masters of Arts degree in Illustration Design at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Career Goals
Brand identity fascinates me. Graphic design, no matter what area – be it web or mobile, billboard or magazine advertisement- is the voice, character, and personality of a company’s brand, values, vision and mission to itself and its audience. An initiator and problem-solver, I look for jobs where I can apply my skills and determination in fortifying a progressive company’s brand identity through integrative design strategies to reach their goals.